Thursday, March 7, 2013

99¢ Kindle Edition of INTO THE DARKNESS

Make sure to get the Kindle version of INTO THE DARKNESS Vol. 1 this weekend for only a buck.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

INTO THE DARKNESS Volume 1 Now Available!

Trade paperback and ebook.

An all-new anthology series of dark & disturbing stories from some of the best minds in modern horror fiction. Featuring a brand new Max the Assassin tale from Gerard Houarner.

INTO THE DARKNESS was first published as a magazine in the mid-1990s by David G. Barnett, and included stories by now-respected names in the horror fiction world: Edward Lee, Charlee Jacob, John Everson, Gerard Houarner, D.F. Lewis and dozens more. After only five issues, Necro stopped the magazine, and focused on books. We’ve now resurrected Into the Darkness in this all-new 90K word anthology series of dark, brutal, unrelenting horror fiction from new and established authors alike. We hope you enjoy reading the series as much as we enjoy finding new voices in modern horror.

Gerard Houarner
Tina Starr
Brian Lillie
Craig Cook
D.M. Woon
David Bain
Jarod Roberts
Jeremy Thompson
John Lawson
Kurt Fawver
Leslianne Wilder
Michael T. Huyck, Jr.
Nick Medina
Paul Anderson
Richard Fuller
Richard Thomas
Stephen McQuiggan


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

HOST OF THE ARMAGEDDON coming in September!

by Ken Scott Smith

The first new Bedlam Press book in years.

A great new breakneck “All folklore is based on some remnants of truth, the Bible is no exception… The Horsemen are very real, they are immortal, and their only goal is to feed on mankind’s suffering and enslave humanity.”

An elementary school full of kids destroyed by a tornado… A soldier makes it home from the Middle East only to be killed for his wallet… A mother of three diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer… Random events? NO.

Photojournalist Faye Monroe discovers that the ugliness and cruelty afflicting the world does not arise of its own actions: the countless wars, the outbreaks of disease and natural disasters, even the murder of her friends and family—the work of malevolent architects.


War, Death, Disease and Famine… The Four Horsemen have fed the world endless despair for millennia. But one of them has been destroyed and its spirit seeks a new host.

Faye, together with a Mossad agent and a rebel assassin, quickly plunge into danger, intrigue and supernatural adventure as the trio search for the key to save Faye's soul…and hopefully prevent Armageddon.

A break neck supernatural thriller. thriller.

Friday, July 24, 2009


INFERNALLY YOURS is now in and should start shipping next week! FINALLY!!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Necro News 6-30-09

INFERNALLY YOURS is coming...I SWEAR. It's being wrapped up at the printer and should be shipping to me within a week or two. Trust me, there's no one that wants this out more than I do.

Two new books have been announced: THE 13TH By John Everson and A BLOOD OF KILLERS by Gerard Houarner. THE 13TH is already at the printers and should be wrapping up production in about two weeks. While A BLOOD OF KILLERS, which clocks in around 500 pages!, is due in September.

THE FALLEN deluxe is still behind as I'm having issues getting it bound. Hopefully soon.

GOLEMESQUE by Edward Lee is in and has shipped, so all pre-orders are out and the dealers should all have their copies by now.

We still have a number of projects coming out this year which all you Necro fans will be excited about. But I don't want to say anything yet as I can't handle anymore email right now. So stay tuned...

Monday, June 8, 2009

GOLEMESQUE by Edward Lee

GOLEMESQUE by Edward Lee is now here and shipping out this week. So if you pre-ordered one you'll be getting it soon and book dealers will be getting theirs next week. And if you didn't order one, DO IT! Book is gorgeous.

Dave B.